Learn Bharatanatyam – on all issues of learning Bharata natyam

Learn Bharatanatyam

Many Bharata natyam students and their parents keep posting questions on various issues they have to solve in their learning India’s oldest classical dance… Like, what are the best methods to learn Bharatanatyam?

There is a fairly thorough guide (“Learn Bharatanatyam“) meant for everyone studying bharatanatyam.

In addition, there are plenty of educational DVD videos for bharata natyam learners – in dozens of popular online stores: from the expensive one like celextel and nehastore to the new discount outlets like geedvd.com and others, teaching you everything from adavus, korvais, mudras, abhinaya or karanas to complete pushpanjali, alarippu, thillana, padam and even varnam:

So learning Bharatanatyam must be easier today!

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